USA Soccer League

USA Soccer League membership votes to affiliate with US Club Soccer
September 9, 2008

 US Club Soccer Adult Affiliate

 After a quarter of a century of affiliation with Rhode Island Soccer Association and the United States Adult Soccer Association, member teams of the USA Soccer League of Rhode Island voted unanimously to become affiliated with the USSF through the US Club Soccer national affiliate.


Tuckertown Park Goal Anchors
Over the past few years one issue that consistently seems to be a struggle for us to manage is the anchoring of soccer goals. At the beginning of the season the South Kingstown Parks and Recreation Department places all soccer goals on the fields based on the needs of South County Youth Soccer. The goals are clipped to a large stake that is driven in flush with the ground so that the maintenance staff can simply un-clip the goal and move it when mowing. Staff than clips the goal back in place.  It is very important and critical for the safety of the players that all goals be anchored in place at all times for games and practices. There are documented cases of death resulting from a soccer goal falling on a player. This means goals can not be moved to other locations for drills etc.  Currently at Tuckertown there is one field with multiple goals to accommodate a smaller field within a field. If you need to move the smaller set of goals on the side lines, we have provided another set of anchors several feet off the field so the goals can be anchored when not in use.
Fair Play Rating System
The USA Soccer League has requested that all referees assigned to league matches include a Soccer Fair Play rating on the game report for each team in the comment area. The rating system is described below.